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July 4, 2016 • Special Edition


SEPTA has identified a defect with its Silverliner V Regional Rail cars that has resulted in these trains being taken out of service for the immediate future. All 120 Silverliner Vs, which comprise approximately one-third of the Regional Rail fleet, are out of service. This will impact customers starting Tuesday, July 5, as SEPTA�s passenger capacity for weekday travel will be reduced.

There will be no service impact on Monday, July 4th, as weekend/holiday schedules are already in place, and can be maintained utilizing the rest of the Regional Rail fleet. Starting Tuesday, SEPTA is implementing a modified Saturday schedule that was developed for weather emergencies, with added rush hour trips. Rush hour service will be at 30 minute intervals on most lines.

Schedule details are being finalized, and will be posted on SEPTA�s website � septa.org � on Monday afternoon. SEPTA will closely monitor service and work with our City, County and transit agency partners to explore options to better accommodate passengers while repairs are made to the Silverliner V fleet.

SEPTA also encourages Regional Rail riders to use transit modes, including buses, trolleys and subways, where possible. Details on alternate services available to-and-from each Regional Rail station are available online at septa.org/stations/rail/stations.shtml. Customers who have purchased Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses can use them for travel on these transit modes. SEPTA is also urging customers who have purchased TrailPasses to hold onto them so they can be turned in for a credit on a future pass purchase. SEPTA is currently developing a plan for providing fare credits.

The Silverliner V structural defect was discovered early Friday morning by SEPTA railroad vehicle maintenance personnel. Follow-up inspections with the fleet showed that there was a problem with cracking in the main suspension systems. Within 24 hours, all Silverliner Vs had been taken out of service. The Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Transit Administration and PennDOT have all been notified. SEPTA is working cooperatively with the rail car manufacturer to locate and expedite the procurement of materials to repair or replace the trucks.

SEPTA will continue to provide updates to its riders and the public throughout this process. In the meantime, please direct your constituents, employees, members and stakeholders to SEPTA�s website � septa.org � which will be updated with service information in advance of Tuesday�s service day, and local media outlets.

Following is a link to the attached press release: septa.org/media/releases/2016/7-3-16.html and please feel free to share the following Tweet with your social media followers advising them of this service adjustment: twitter.com/SEPTANews/status/749695043712286721

As always, thank you for your assistance in helping us inform our customers about important service information. We greatly appreciate your partnership.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.


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