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The Central Philadelphia Transportation Management Association, Central Philadelphia Development Corporation and Center City District have released Keep Philadelphia Moving, in an effort to start the conversation about traffic congestion.

Itís a growing cause of frustration for anyone taking public transit walking, bicycling or driving in Center City. Blocked intersections, gridlocked streets, trucks parked in travel and bike lanes -- and the resulting stress and anger -- have become daily occurrences for anyone trying to navigate the downtown grid.

Why does congestion occur? How is (or isn’t) it currently managed? If this is a manageable problem, whose job is it to set things right? What can be done to improve conditions that are frustrating, occasionally dangerous and an emerging challenge to the cityís long-term vitality and attractiveness?

Keep Philadelphia Moving looks at the problems of traffic congestion in Center City and offers recommendations for funding, coordination, infrastructure and technology to enable Philadelphia's 17th Century street grid to adapt to the needs of the 21st.

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